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Green Beats and Environmentally Conscious Rhymes

“It was a New York taste of eco-hip-hop, a small but growing genre forged by artists bent on spreading environmental advocacy through music.”

- Sierra Magazine


Ribaldry and Soul Wisdom

"Hila, who calls herself "a soldier in the army of Love," isn't bustin' any shots or blowin' any stacks like a traditional rapper. Instead, she's spreading messages of self-love, body positivity, and safe sex (all things we desperately need)!"

- Popdust

Eco Trippin

“You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll learn about ecologically conscious uses for your own excrement.”

- Time Out New York 


No Kill Mag Interview

“...we became completely entranced by [their] video/rap about the politics around climate change. Climate change, as I'm sure you all know, can feel overwhelming in and of itself and even more so when we try to figure out how we got to this place. The song…breaks it down in a way that's easily understood while managing to be clever and entertaining.” 

- No Kill Mag

Taste Sir Kn8s Quantum Physics Flavor

"Sir Kn8 [has an] inspiring ability to wrap words together like a balloon animal."

- American Pancake

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