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    at House of Yes 2/25/2020 photo gallery by Kenny Rodriguez

Birds do it. Bees do it. Even these emcees do it.

Let's get Naughty for Nature -- it's an ecological sex-education via hip-hop, comedy, and sensuous spectacle.

Nate and Hila bring you a rap primer on the gloriously diverse sexual behavior of planet Earth. Learn how honeybees do it, how plants do it, how sex-changing fish do it -- and how you can live your best, sexiest and most environmentally conscientious life as you do it.

By learning about the sex lives of your fellow creatures, you become more intimate with your role in the planetary biosphere. Geek out about Nature with a sex-positive, eco-positive extravaganza featuring original songs, comedy and aerial acts.

Brought to you by NATE AND HILA, a duo of emcees / performance artists who combine hip-hop, comedy and philosophy to advance social consciousness. Their main areas of focus are ecology and sex positivity -- they invite you to think, laugh, and booty-shake your way into actively loving your planet, and your self.

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