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The Green New Deal -- a legislative resolution that has the potential to reshape American life -- is one of the most prominent topic in current ecological, economic and political discourse. But what is it? How would it work? What are its aims, and what is the relationship between those aims and the political and ecological realities? ...And don't you wish these questions could be answered by a policy expert and a pair of comedic rappers? 

Even if you didn't think you did, here's Eco Trippin: The Green New Deal -- a hilarious, informative and insightful live show, unpacking the ins and outs of the Green New Deal and the current political moment. The show features Killin H8, a Brooklyn-based hip-hop/performance art duo, and Andrés Bernal, an urban policy expert, who helped shape the resolution itself as an advisor to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

Eco Trippin combines hip-hop, comedy, philosophy and town-hall style political conversation to spread awareness about the Green New Deal and the ecological and social challenges it strives to meet. It's a show that will make you think, make you laugh, and make an activist out of you, through beats, rhymes, and substantive discussion of environmental policy. Come see why Gothamist calls the sold-out NYC debut "an incredible (and incredibly strange)...look at the most pressing ecological issues of our time." 

Killin H8 (Sir Kn8 and Hila the Killa) is an NYC-based duo that crosses hip-hop with philosophy, comedy and performance art. Sir Kn8 (aka Nathan Oglesby) is a writer, rapper, producer, with a PhD in Classics from the CUNY Graduate Center. Hila the Killa (aka Hila Perry) is a rapper, comedian and filmmaker. They perform regularly at House of Yes, Caveat NYC and throughout the NYC area. 

Andrés Bernal is a lecturer in Urban Studies at Queens College, a doctoral student at the New School, and an advisor to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 


Photos by Mike Bryk (@mikebryknyc). 


What is more important for saving the world -- Art or Money? An Art vs. Money rap battle decides once and for all. 


Andrés Bernal tells the backstory of the Green New Deal's formation.


The Green New Deal as interpreted by a Green Nude Eel. 

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