Written & produced by

Killin H8 - @killinh8

Hila the Killa (Hila Perry) - @hilathekilla


Sir Kn8 (Nathan Dufour Oglesby) - @sirkn8


Original Songs and Music by Killin H8*




original dance and choreography by

Pain au Chocolat - @painauchocolatboyz


Pain au Chocolat is

Pixel Witch - @pixelwitchadventures

Juan-Pablo Alba Dennis - @jpadennis

Thomas Ciccone - @theonlythomasciccone


“Eco Fascism” by Seth Timothy Larson - @bugsforthebuggod

& Abigail Entsminger - @abentsmin

Beat Boxing by Doctor Brick - @thedoctorbrick 

Mermaid Aerial by Melissa Aguerre - @melissa_aguerre 

*to the song “Melankoli”, by Lulu Rouge

Shark performance by Juanita Cardenas - @polychromatico


“Hydrocarbon Chains”, performed by Ellis Dodi @ellisdodi

Costumes by Joy Fully - @lovelivingart

Plastic Gown by Katie Drackert - @kd_kinetic

Goof Camo by Ryan Patrick Martin - @slopwop

Stage Management by Justin Ketchner and Tanya Karina

Sound, Lighting & Projections by Jason Randall, Dan Alaimo, & James Barnes

Partnered with Precycle - @precyclenyc - Brooklyn's first zero waste grocery store

With additional support from the Human Impacts Institute

Public Relations & Support by Colin Pugh

Special Thanks to Anya Sapozhnikova, Kae Burke, Jacqui Rabkin, Ilan Telmont, Dani Sloki, Rawb Lane, Mike Esperson, Caveat,

the entire House of Yes family.