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"Die for that Pussy" describes the reproduction of honeybees. The drones, what we refer to as the "male" bees, have only one job; to inseminate a queen bee, thus fulfilling their life purpose, because upon ejaculation, they die. During her first and only mating flight, a queen will mate with (and kill) as many as 20 drones.


This song aims to engage viewers with knowledge about honeybees in the hopes that it excites and interests them to learn more. It also challenges notions of sexual hierarchy and gender norms.

Honeybees are vital to our ecosystems and to our own health. We rely on them to pollinate most of our food. When we spray pesticides we harm them in many ways, one of which is that pesticides can cause the drones to become impotent so when they die, they die in vain. 

A portion of the proceeds from this song will go towards The Honeybee Conservancy



We are a duo of emcees / writers / performers, who create ecological, sociological and philosophical songs, videos and live shows.


— We combine elements of Hip-Hop, comedy and performance art to stir the heart and stimulate the mind about the state of things on the planet Earth in the 21st Century. 

We are resident rappers at NYC's most progressive nightclub, House of Yes. We have been featured on buzzfeed for our zero waste practices, and currently pitching a TV show which we describe as "sesame street" but for adults. 

Our mission is to elevate the conversation around environmentalism, climate change, sex education, politics and what art can do for society. 

Nate is a graduate of CUNY with a PHD in classics, Hila graduated from NYU with a degree in film and television. Together we are able to create content that is smart, entertaining and full of joy. We are dedicated to empowering our audiences with facts, optimism and actionable steps towards making the world a better place.

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This video was a labor of love - everyone volunteered their time because they felt that the message was important. Get people excited about bees. Make bees sexy! 

Anya Sapozhnikova co-founder of House of Yes and director of The Devouring at The Paradise Club in Times Square, not only directed "Die for that Pussy," she also designed all the costumes. 

Brendan Burke, fashion photographer and cinematographer (for clients such as Paper Magazine, Soul Cycle, and Tommy Hilfiger) 

directed the camera and lighting with a shoe-string budget and put together all the scenes, including building a set from scratch at ACME studios.

All the bees featured in this video are resident House of Yes dancers and patrons. 

The video screened for the first time during Nate and Hila's sold out live show "Naughty for Nature" in January 2020. Everyone is waiting for the online release. 

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